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Unreal Engine Coming To An iDevice Near You

September 15th, 2010

News is Epic’s Unreal Engine – of Gears of War and Bioshock fame – is coming to an iPhone / iPod / iPad near you, and soon.

If you haven’t downloaded the eminently awesome tech demo off the iTunes Store yet, we suggest you do so right now. It’s not a full-on game yet, but does let you walk around a medieval town in awe, as you gaze at some admittedly pretty spectacular scenery. And if Epic chooses to license the iOS version of the Unreal Engine, as they have done in the past with their PC, Xbox and PS3 versions, we should be seeing some promising gaming titles in the next 12 months.

Watch this space for more news. We’re pretty excited at the prospect of one of the big gaming guns joining the iOS gaming world as it should mean a raising of the bar when it comes to quality of gaming releases. All we need now is an Android port, and we’re pretty much ready to ditch the PSP, what with Windows Mobile 7 looking promising.