Netvigator / PCCW Connection Issues In Hong Kong This Weekend

March 13th, 2011

Since the Japanese earthquake on Friday 11th March 2011 (two days ago) we have noticed a very bad connection to some websites from Hong Kong.  This seems to be to mostly US-based servers, such as Hotmail, Facebook, Twitter, and PlayStation Network.

A brief search on Twitter (that took a long time to load!) showed that scores of people have noted the issue with Netvigator broadband, which is still no better on Sunday 13th March evening.

And yet nowhere can I find any evidence of the issue.

Netvigator have pretty much locked up a monopoly on Hong Kong ISP-ing for the last ten years.  And it shows.  Some issues:

- Their website looks like a relic from the 1990′s. (Best viewed in I.E 5.O or above?!)

- They have a ‘What’s New’ section on the website, but no other means of communication with their customers on the site.  This only shows positive press releases.

- No active Facebook group (I think they created one once but they don’t respond at all)

- No twitter accounts

- The most backward email client I’ve seen, that by default will invariably increase customers’ costs as their unused mailbox exceeds limits with spam

- The most appalling marketing method of intercepting your connection when you use a browser to self-promote their current offers

- Automatically re-directing you to their partner site ‘Yellow Pages’ when you enter an unresolving URL (I only found out about this last week!)

We tried to find evidence of this weekend’s outages in the media.  Neither South China Morning Post nor The Standard have any mention of it.  And so life goes on in our little pearl in the Orient.

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